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Dusbtep producer Snails in Montreal

SNAILS breaks silence, denies claims of sexual misconduct

2020 signaled not only the year of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, which both deeply affected the dance music industry. Another identity politics movement created fissures in the dance music community as #MeToo finally trickled into the scene in a loud way. As sexual misconduct allegations came to light—and all-but toppled the careers of Bassnectar, Space JesusBilly Kenny, graves, Nahko and Thirftworks—another big name was implicated in the process. Montreal-based dubstep producer SNAILS was the subject of multiple accusations that he exhibited inappropriate behavior towards female fans both backstage and after the show. That was in late June of 2020, and SNAILS has remained completely silent since.

SNAILS finally broke that silence Monday, January 4, 2021, when he teased a new chapter in his musical career. However, the announcement only reignited the conversation surrounding past allegations made against him (dating back to 2018) and new posts began to surface on an @evidenceagainstsnails Instagram account (that was created in July of last year). So SNAILS took to his Twitter to address what he claims are “completely false” allegations and goes as far as to say he has “never done drugs and never will.”

“I want to address a lot of things that are being said about me. There have been serious allegations made and I must start by saying these allegations are completely false. Now, enough is enough. My fans and everyone around me deserve to know the truth.”


SNAILS does address his general lack of awareness around his “party guy persona” and the responsibility he holds as an artist to his fans. He goes on to to apologize to anyone who he ever made “feel even remotely uncomfortable,” but remains ardent that he never crossed any sort of line. “Sexual assault is a serious crime. I stand by any victim of sexual assault, harassment, or abuse of any kind. Those experiences deserve to be heard. Victims deserve to be protected and defended. That being said, none of my actions fall into this category, said SNAILS.

Read the full statement below.