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CharlestheFirst reveals shortlist of collaborators for upcoming full-length

CharlestheFirst fans were treated to early presents for the holidays. The mellow downtempo artist had been appearing to favor his lo-fi side project, hawk., when he released pretty ass shipwreck, which made CE‘s Top Albums of 2020 shortlist. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Charles Ingalls suddenly released a new single to announce an upcoming full-length, along with a tantalizing list of collaborators a little later on.

The first gift dropped unceremoniously on November 23 when the artist released the single “Out of the Dark,” his first release in more than a year under this original alias. Ingalls is well known for emotional depth and lush textures in the brand of bass he produces under CharlestheFirst, which is richly layered and often offset with drips of melody over top, like a light rain. While the track stands to genius for its genre-bending, it also demonstrates the development of an artist willing to bring new ideas and development to his art. Nevertheless, “Out of the Dark” left listeners anticipating more.

The second gift for CharlestheFirst fans came via the Tahoe-based artist’s social platforms where Ingalls let fans in on his plan to release an LP in the near future. Moreover, CharlestheFirst dropped a few names of collaborators that he plans to feature on his incoming full-length: Potions, who is one-third Lab Group with Charles, kLL sMTH, who recently made it on CE‘s Top Artists to Watch in 2021, and Tsuruda. View the announcement below.

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