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hawk. releases pretty ass shipwreck

CharlestheFirst surprise releases 15-track ‘pretty ass shipwreck’ under his lo-fi alias, hawk.

As one of the most poignant artists coming out of the underground bass scene, CharlestheFirst (real name Charles Ingalls) has been turning heads for some time now. The way Ingalls blends organic, field-recorded sounds out of his Tahoe home with cutting-edge sound design is second to none. While he’s remained rather under-the-radar in terms of 2020 releases, CharlestheFirst has given pre-emptive clues to the fact that he’s been buckled down in the studio. One need only pay attention to see the signs: Whether it was in his ID-filled Room Service set with 10 new unreleased tracks or his recent release of the title track to his next album, “Out of the Dark.” Without question, there are big things on the horizon for CharlestheFirst fans. But in the meantime, fans of Ingalls’ lo-fi/hip-hip project, hawk., are in for a special treat.

As the more whimsical of his two aliases, Ingalls recently began going on a release-spree from his hawk. account on SoundCloud, beginning with a flip of Playboi Carti’s “Magnolia.” The songs amounted to a whopping 15-track collection of songs that hawk. had previously kept buried in the vault. Culminating in pretty ass shipwreck, the newest releases from hawk. have been garnering so much attention and praise from across his committed following that the LP now has hundreds of thousands of online plays and growing. Ingalls says of the album,

i hope this abum gives you an look into my life. i speak freely about the things i struggle with and I am SO thankful to have this outlet for my creativity. hawk is a project in order to capture brief moments of time.

Charles Ingalls

With low fidelity cuts, interspersed with off-the-cuff spoken word rhymes from Ingalls himself, and hip-hop beat work throughout, pretty ass shipwreck spotlights Ingalls in his creative element. Whether it’s the sultry vision of “gem of the mountain,” or the bubbling, arp-filled melodies on “dow the old paths,” or the cheeky collaboration with himself as ChrlestheFirst on “kava,” the collection of tracks is a pseudo-magnum opus of hawk.’s visionary abilities. In other words, pretty ass shipwreck is organic chill-out music to vibe to. One standout on the LP is “pockets,” a collaboration with Brio and potions, in which Ingalls’ frenzied, hip-hop-fueled lyrical lines run up against the three producers’ lo-fi elements. By the end of the complete downtempo listening journey, one is much more calm, collected, and in-tune with the world around them than when they began the day with.

hawk. – pretty ass shipwreck

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