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Mersiv takes us to a ‘Future Destination’ in his mystical new track

Anderson “Andy” Benoit Gallego is making waves as Mersiv with his dark, infectious basslines and transcendental soundscapes. This fall alone, Mersiv has been ramping up the releases. Starting in late October, he released an introspective downtempo single in “Osmosis,” which was followed with “Bermuda’s Triangle” a few weeks ago. The releases each take on the same vibe, look, and feel that some are beginning to suspect a larger, more cohesive project is in the works. The Colorado native’s latest Wakaan offering, “Future Destination,” is no different.

Leading with an extended build-up as hopeful as it is mysterious, a pulsating synth enters and settles us into a moody yet unassuming drop at the 1:35 mark. Vocal chops and sparkly high notes reverberate throughout the track, leaving listeners with a subdued outro to reflect on the mastery that just unfolded.

Conceptualizing his Mersiv Sound Project in 2015, Gallego rapidly rose to prominence in the bass music community with back-to-back performances at festivals like Electric Forest and Okeechobee, as well as multiple releases on Liquid Stranger‘s label Wakaan. Demonstrating a nuanced skill for sound design and a unique aura that radiates in his sets, Mersiv is shaping himself up to be the next coveted visionary of bass music.

Mersiv – Future Destination

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