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Mersiv plunges into downtempo introspection on latest single, ‘Osmosis’

Auspicious Dubstep visionary Mersiv returns with contrasting energy, unearthing his latest downtempo track, “Osmosis.” Following the release of his high-energy Paradise EP with Fryar, “Osmosis” looks to deliver a cathartic listening experience through two parallel bass rhythms fusing to form an alternate mode of sonic exploration. This latest downtempo composition provides a contrasting splash in sound to his recent work while exhibiting the same dynamism through sound. The oscillating bass and strong harmonies ring true to Mersiv’s patented production style, which comes just shy of foreboding as it is inherently inviting to the listener.

“Osmosis” opens to a mystical shroud of playful sounds. Synths race and twinkle off into the distance as morning birds call out. Foreboding, haunting vocal sifts through to add an intriguing, winding element, which guides the listener through the production narrative. The track quickly emerges from this distorted intro; 28 seconds in, a coalescence of sounds pops to unleash a pulsating, invigorating bassline. 

The Mersiv Sound Project is the brainchild of Anderson Benoit Gallegos, an artist impassioned by his own unique, “pretty-dark-loud” style of bass music. Since 2015, he’s enveloped his music in the intention of bringing people into the present moment through an immersive experience. Gallegos is also the head curator of his own label, MorFlo Records, a platform designed to showcase those tapping into flow through creative arts.

Mersiv – Osmosis

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