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MUST LISTEN: Excision drops off daring 14-track studio album, ‘Apex’

Head bangers had cause for early celebration late last night. While Excision previously announced his fourth studio album would arrive August 14 at midnight, the Lost Lands Festival head honcho surprised released Apex a few hours early. The daring 14-track project conjures up the apocalyptic dubstep that characterizes Jeff Abel’s ultra-heavy, intensely-captivating style — what some might even call, “Jurassic bass.”

Apex touts two collaborations from Space LacesSullivan King, and Dion Timmer each, showcasing the pair’s hard and soft sides. Listeners certainly know what they’re getting into just from the song’s title — with aggressive dubstep arrangements like “Exterminate,” “Vault,” and the Space Laces-assisted “Rumble,” to more melodic collaborative efforts in the Illenium-assisted “Gold (Stupid Love),” Sullivan King’s “Home,” and “Die For You,” featuring the soaring vocals of Akylla.

Excision even pulls on elements of alt-/emo-rock and nu-metal in the Sullivan King assisted track, “Wake Up.” The track is a standout on the album for it’s nostalgic sound design, especially in it’s echoing atmospheres, syncopated guitar riffs, and emotionally exposed verses that harpoons listeners back into the days of Lincoln Park and Evanescence.

Complete with aggressive synths, roaring basslines, and immersive four-to-the-floor beat work, Excision impresses with yet another collection of chilling, cinematic dub-heavy arrangements. If music had auteurs, the Canadian producer would a affixed atop the list of dance music’s greats. In other words, you know when you’re hearing an Excision track.

Featured Photo: RUKES