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Justin Jay delivers diverse remix pack for his ‘Home’ LP, ft. Christian Martin, Walker & Royce, and more

Hard to believe its almost been one year since Justin Jay released his Home EP.  Now the Dirtybird Player has gathered up a gaggle of his close friends and a few key label mates to deliver a diverse remix pack, featuring everyone from Christian MartinWalker & Royce, and Will Clarke to Ricky Tinez, Houseboy, Pilo, and more.

With Home, the producer ventured into the expansive world of live, electronic rock, joining the ranks of The Russ Liquid Test, Papadosio, STS9, and more. The only difference for Jay is that he took his live experience into the house, techno, and party tech realm — something that had never been done before. He hit the road with his Fantastic Voyage tour, where he ripped his electric guitar and analog gear alongside a cast of live instrumentalists in Sam von HornBenny Bridges and Danny G, all of whom add their own takes on his collection.

From Christian Martin’s energetic take on “Drive” to Will Clarke’s steady tech offering of “Ease Up,” every cut on the album pays mind to Justin Jay’s personal soul, funk, and jazz roots while giving each track a fresh new look. The result is 12 re-imagined tracks that are diverse, cohesive, and refreshingly upbeat.