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Getter takes a turn for the ‘Visceral’ in his debut 12-track artist concept album

Today marks a milestone day in the career of David Getter as he takes one giant leap forward into new and uncharted sonic terrain on Visceral LP, his debut 12-track conceptual artist album out now via mau5trap. The formerly heavy dubstep-leaning artist had been growing tired of the genre that had begun pigeonholed him talent wise. So he began pouring himself into a new, more diversified artistic project under the direction of deadmau5.

Now, a complete musical makeover isn’t exactly an easy decision for anyone who seriously considers their music is just that — art. And that’s exactly what Getter should be commended for. A huge creative risk was at stake for him, and all the professional anxiety and worries that naturally follow: Will they even like the new me? Will I completely tank? Am I being honest with myself on this new direction?

For artists like Getter, changing one’s sound stamp is challenging, to say the least. Not only because it’s like changing the entire course of one’s artistic resume, but ultimately because it’s like changing one’s own deeply engrained identity. And we’re not talking changing shirts to fit in with a different crowd. We’re talking changing skins and all the emotional and spiritual baggage that that skin has on one’s own inner sense of self. Here’s where Getter should be commended again… and the fact that he did it consciously speaks volumes.

Because ultimately, change is necessary for survival, and this isn’t just true for artists. Without the growing pains that accompany change, life would be too comfortable, stagnant, and boring. Getter knows this better than anyone. He’s been pouring himself into his own re-invention for over three years now, and the result is a culmination of carefully designed, extremely personal, and meticulously crafted labor. It’s a labor that is nothing short of — well — visceral.

With a handful of releases off the album, including “All is Lost,” “Made For You” and “Solo,” the full 12-track body of work shows off a new intention from the producer — one that arises out of the intense emotions brought on by experiences of heartbreak, rejection, unhealthy relationships and more. Visceral touches on all the trails and complexities of life to ultimately send the deeper message that life sure wouldn’t be worth living without the difficulties, the hardships, and all the feelings of self-doubt along the way. Getter is here to say embrace those feelings, hard as they may be, because those are the times in which one truly blossoms and grows. With fan and critical appraise already surrounding the album, it’s clear that Getter has been nothing but forthcoming and outright with his honestly and authenticity on Visceral; and while there may be some small technicalities to smooth out in the long term, it’s sound design plants the seeds of what will hopefully sprout into a fruitful new sonic trajectory for Getter.

He’s even currently in the midst of creating an immersive tour experience which will see the light of day some time in 2019. For now, listen and eat from the fruits of his labor.