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Kaskade provides captivating official remix of ODESZA’s ‘Fall’ (ft. Sasha Sloan)

Last week, after a devout fan-recorded video went viral of Kaskade dropping a breathtaking track ID, the Arkade label boss confirmed that he was sitting on an unreleased remix of ODESZA‘s “Falls.” As a component to ODESZA’s 2017 album, A Moment Apart, the song features the uplifting vocal work of Sasha Sloan, who also worked on Kaskade’s 2015 Automatic track, “Phoenix.”

Yesterday, when a fan inquired about the remix’s release date, he responded plainly: “How about tomorrow?” And just like that, today sees the official release of Kaskade’s remix of “Falls” on ODESZA’s Foreign Family imprint. The tune is a stunning marriage of both Kakade and ODESZA’s supreme optimism. Kaskade’s take is a gentle, yet poignant treatment of the original anthem — complete with soaring melodies, robust future bass drops, and organic instrumentals. Kaskade, however, opts for spotlighting Sloan’s angelic vocals up front and synth-led breakdowns on the song’s drops.

Whatever the case, fans can only hope to see ODESZA dropping the resounding re-envisioning on their current A Moment Apart tour.