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Petit Biscuit takes a turn towards off-kilter sound design in two newest releases, ‘Safe’ & ‘Suffer’

Rising star Petit Biscuit has proven his talents for music production are developed well beyond his years. Classically trained in the cello since the age of five, Mehdi Benjelloun burst onto the dance music scene with his monumental remix of ODESZA‘s “Memories That You Call,” drawing comparisons of his cinematic sound design with that of the Seattle-based duo.

The promising young producer, hailing from France, would then break off from his major label at Interscope to self release his debut studio album, Presence, on his then-newly formed imprint. While his previous 12-track work was a collection of sunny, ethereal, and exposed tracks, the 18-year-old producer opts for a more upbeat approach in “Suffer” and “Safe.” Upbeat, while at the same time maintaining the same honesty and sheer vulnerability as his previous titles.

The SKOTT-assisted “Suffer” takes an energetic and harmonic approach to it’s sound design, with dueling synthwork, chiming key chords, and powerful lyrics that call up self-empowerment. “Suffer,” on the other hand, lays down a contrasting composition that begins eloquently and captivatingly smooth, before ultimately balancing out with off-kilter harmonic elements that round out the two tracks succinctly.

The two tracks indeed tell a story when juxtaposed, which leads us to believe that these could in fact be the foundation of a brand new project. After all, it’s been nearly a year since the young rising talent released his last album — to much fan and critical acclaim.

Petit Bisuit is currently in the midst of his world tour, with remaining fall dates in the US, Canada, and Mexico, and a grande ole’ finale on Holy Ship! in January. Tickets are on sale now.