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Snails teams up with Boogie T for explosive new collaboration, ‘Redline’

Both pioneers in their own right, Snails and Boogie T are two producers who’ve taken adamantly different approaches to making bass music. With an aggressive vomitstep style on one end and a wobbly reggae vibe on the other, the pair have found the perfect meeting point in their newest track, dubbed “Redline.”

The track, which arrives on Snails’ imprint Slugz Music, is an unexpected and feverous combination of styles that compliments both producers’ signature sounds. Boogie T lays down his own vocals on the track, along with his very own electric guitar solos, imbuing “Redline” with a cool reggae vibe. But the song is not without Snails’ characteristic vomitstep sound, featuring stabbing synths and thunderous drops, only smoothed out.

“Redline” is what good collaborations should do — that is, signal a marriage of two distinctly unique sounds.