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Ultra announces it’s overhaul of Miami’s 34th annual Winter Music Conference

When UMF announced it’s acquisition of Miami’s Winter Music Conference (WMC) at Ultra 20, they did so with the hope of breathing new life into WMC’s dwindling numbers. Now it seems they are doing a bit of restructuring that will do just that.

Winter Music Conference is the decades-old tradition that first brought the global electronic community to south Florida every March, with Ultra Music Festival being built as the annual celebration of the conference’s end.

“For decades, the electronic music industry ran through WMC,” says Russell Faibisch, Ultra co-founder, chairman and CEO, in a press release. “It was where the mega deals were done and provided a launching point for countless legendary tracks as well as breakthrough DJs. In March 2019, WMC returns with a fully revamped program that gets the industry back to business. It’s the perfect start to an unforgettable Miami Music Week.”

For the first time, WMC will offer two distinct segments: one targeted at industry professionals and the other aimed at music creators and consumers.

(1) WMC // Industry (by invitation / application only) will targeted at music professionals looking to network with their industry peers, engage in thoughtful leadership discussions with top executives, partake in relationship building, health and wellness activities, and gain insight from business leaders adjacent to the music industry from the world of tech, marketing, social media, and more. Application link is here  

(2) WMC // Access allows consumers that are interested in music production, DJing, the music industry, tech, and culture to gain access to a showcase of the top companies in the business. From educators to gear manufacturers to consumer products, Access is the place to be if you are passionate about this culture and want to dive a bit deeper. Access badges are now available and registration is open exclusively, here.

Under the umbrella of Miami Music Week, the Winter Music Conference at Faena District will return to Miami Beach from March 25-28, 2019 with a refreshed perspective and insightful programming that will bring together a new generation of industry professionals and music consumers.