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Haywyre’s long-awaited return brings the funk with ‘Tell Me’ [WATCH]

Fans of Haywyre (real name Martin Sebastian Vogt) have been patiently awaiting new material for some time now. After two long years, their patience was finally rewarded when the 26-year old Monstercat favorite released his funky, fresh new single, “Tell Me.” Along with the release came a promise from Vogt himself that it was just the first taste from his forthcoming six track EP, Panorama: Discover.

The song is a continuation of the formula that has earned Haywyre his beloved reputation throughout the electronic music community — foot-stomping rhythms combine with blistering synthesizer riffs and a vocoded voice singing over it all. Instantly catchy, the track was met with joyous exaltations from listeners across social media welcoming him back, and is sure to be packing dance floors for some time.

A music video was simultaneously released portraying a relaxed Martin Vogt jamming on his various keyboards in a room chocked full of colorful neon signs. The video briefly goes into first-person view as an ode to his previously-released  viral cover of “Smooth Criminal.”

Listen to Haywyre’s “Tell Me” and watch the video accompaniment below.