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Louis Futon announces forthcoming debut album with NoMBe-assisted single, ‘Bad Habits’

The time has finally come for producer and multi-instrumentalist Louis Futon to release his very first full-length studio album. It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for of the “Beat Challenge” extraordinaire.

To celebrate his forthcoming debut LP release, Tyler Minford shares a new single, entitled “Bad Habits,” enlisting the vocal talents of fellow LA-based musician NoMBe. Characterized by electric guitar-led melodies, jazz-inspired percussion, harmonized vocals, a slow-and-low bassline, Louis Futon continues to showcase his knack for combining electronic and live music elements. Minford has long been known for his poignant, yet always chill soul-pop ballads — and “Bad Habits” is the perfect encapsulation of this trend.

The lo-fi music video accompaniment, co-directed by Futon and Ryan Rash, features the two frontmen alongside a cast of friends as they pass around the joint, jamming around a California backyard, with Futon delivering his signature electric guitar solo while floating poolside on a raft.

No release date has been officially assigned to Louis Futon’s full-length body of work, but stayed tuned for more announcements and single releases leading up to his highly-anticipated debut LP.