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Axwell debuts ‘Nobody Else’ on BBC Radio 1, confirms new music from Swedish House Mafia on the way

Axwell is the latest artist to visit Annie Mac on the air, and she’s dubbed his latest single, “Nobody Else,” the Hottest Record in the World on her BBC Radio 1 show.

The two also exchange words in a short 6-minute interview over the track. During the exchange, they pinpoint how the new original single draws on the familiar progressive structure of his classic hit, “I Found You.” Axwell alluded to how he felt personally inspired by Mac when she played the track both live and on the air this past summer. Reminded by the good old times, Axwell said it simply “felt like the right time” to jump into the studio and release the record.

Mac closes out the interview with questions regarding a Swedish House Mafia‘s return. According to Axwell,

“It was time. Swedish House Mafia was this crazy machine that we just fell into, right, and I don’t think that we really knew what we were doing, which is also beautiful… We had to spread our wings, do different things, and now after 5-6 years, the thought of being Swedish House Mafia again is like, ‘Yeah, this is exciting. Let’s see what we can come up with.’”

Axwell also confirmed new music from the Swedish trio is on the way, although he couldn’t offer a definitive release date at the time.

“Nobody Else” will arrive this Friday, November 30 on Axtone/Ultra Music.

Featured photo: RUKES