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MUST LISTEN: REZZ’s spine-tingling remix of Porter Robinson’s ‘Divinity’ has arrived

REZZ‘s cult family have been itching for the release of her Porter Robinson remix for what seems like ages now. In reality, it’s only been a mere matter of weeks. Perhaps the wait felt so long because REZZ has been dominating the news cycle ever since she casually announced she was re-working “Divinity.” Perhaps it’s because Space Mom can control time.

The remix was originally debuted three weeks ago at her tour stop inside Montreal’s New City Gas. While fan recorded videos were certainly enough to keep fans’ pallets wet, there’s nothing more insatiable than having a high quality, studio mastered version of the cut.

The remix is immediately immersive, with REZZ’s hypnotizing chimes set against Robinson’s soothing harmonic synths. The song’s first drop dips deep into REZZ territory with a dark, thumping bass lines and launch pad synths. The arrival of the song’s second drop marks the perfect shotgun marriage between each producer’s respective sounds. The result is sure to send chills down your back and leave your skin covered in goosebumps.

Listen to REZZ’s remix of Porter Robinson’s “Divinity” below, out now via Proximity, and support the song on SoundCloud here.

Oh, and the album artwork ain’t bad either.