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REZZ is remixing Porter Robinson’s ‘Divinity’

REZZ and Porter Robinson are two artists which have emerged as beacons of the “post-EDM” landscape. Equipped with very different styles and sensibilities in their own right, the two were resonating with large crowds as the so-called EDM bubble was (and still is) nearing its inevitable burst.

Recently, REZZ took to Twitter to announce she’s been working on a remixing a track from Robinson’s groundbreaking 2014 Worlds album. While the title of the track remained unclear at first, REZZ’s “cult” following entered an immediate feeding frenzy to find out which track she would be overlaying her diabolical treatment onto.

Now REZZ has revealed that the Worlds track in speculation is none other than “Divinity” — and she’s chosen the format to debut the remix as fan recorded videos from her live sets. As the leading track off Porter’s debut artist album, “Divinity” has previously been given a glowing facelift by ODESZA. But a REZZ cross-pollination of the track will no doubt feature a dark and foreboding downward twist on an upbeat, energetic classic.

It’s unclear when REZZ will release the studio mastered version of “Divinity,” but give the original another listen below.