What started as an original ditty by rising post-pop lyricist Call Me Karizma now bears the official Illenium stamp. After playing an unreleased cut of the track during his sold-out Red Rocks performance, the two artists teamed up to fully master the track bearing both musician’s unique offerings.

The result arrives today in the form of an emotionally-charged ballad, titled “God Damnit.” The track is one part rap, one part emo rock, and undeniably Illenium with its melodic flair, signature drums, and trademark drops. Clocking in at just under three-and-a-half minutes, the track boasts infectious rap verses that leaves listeners wanting more at the end. Call Me Karizma lays down lyrics that are deeply introspective and confessional, which couple supremely with Illenium’s haunting melodies.


Written by Ryan Morse

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