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RL GRIME announces forthcoming ‘Nova (The Remixes)’ will fill two volumes

RL GRIME‘s sophomore LP has certainly retained its potency as one of the year’s top albums. Nova was melancholy, yet hopeful, and a lot of what went into the album reflected the period of depression Henry Steinway was going through during writing process.

While the tortured artist archetype is almost a cliché at this point, Steinway was able to channel it effectively into his art and speak honestly about the stress engrained within it. But now is the time for celebration, touring, and enlisting the official remix album — a trajectory that RL GRIME is right in line with. Taking to social media, he’s announced he has twenty-one remixes on deck that are ripe for release.

RL Grime already teased the full list of remixers and the list is long and impressive: 1788-L, Awaw, Alexander Lewis, BLANKE, Cozway, Devault, Dabow, Enschway, Eptic, Heimanu, Hex Cougar, K?D, ODEA, Part Native, Montell2099, Myrne, Quix, Said the Sky, Tynan, Valentino Khan, Shadient & WAVEDASH, and Vincent.

With so many remixer, NOVA Remixes will arrive in two volumes. The first will arrive this Friday, December 7, with the second landing the following week on December 14.