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Slander releases 3-track ‘Headbangers Ball’ EP on Monstercat

The ever-evolving chameleons of sound SLANDER have reached a new chapter in their catalogue. Once the pioneers of the “heaven trap” sound, the LA-based duo is now moving their sonic stamp into a decidedly more heavy bass arena with the release of their newest EP, The Headbangers Ball. Out now on Monstercat, the three track project still traces back to SLANDER’s original melodic sound with angelic vocals, swelling builds, and moving bass lines.

The concept first for the EP came to SLANDER during their Las Vegas residency. The duo thinks of it as “a mansion party set in the Great Gatsby era but with undead skeletons as our attendees.” They pitched the idea to the club, who turned it down, but SLANDER went on to work the concept into a 2018 tour. The tour led to inspiration for an EP, and thus The Headbangers Ball was born.

Slander is currently on The Headbangers Ball North American tour. Get tickets here.