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SNBRN gives Hotel Garuda’s ‘One Reason’ a biting remix

Despite featuring SNBRN‘s new remix of Hotel Garuda‘s “One Reason” in our latest issue of The Friday Wrangler, it’s a track we’ve been bumping all weekend long. So much so that we felt it needed it’s own post.

The track originally appeared as one of first releases from the now-solo project of Hotel Garuda (since Manila Killa announced his split from the duo). Featuring the duetted vocals of Imad Royal and Kiah Victoria, SNBRN does well to keep their vocals as the centerpiece of the track, transforming it from catchy future bass ballad to club-ready hit. SNBRN vamps up the track’s energy with a faster tempo and his signature tropical sound layered underneath.

SNBRN has certainly been on a roll himself this past year, with a new EP rollout, along with some new deep house single in “Move All Night” and “If I Can’t Have You,”