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Global Eclipse organizers set dates for official 2020 gathering in Patagonia, South America

A few months back, organizers of the Global Eclipse Gathering were scouting the shared region between Chile and Argentina. That place is Patagonia, a region encompassing the vast southernmost tip of South America, with the Andes Mountains as its dividing line. It is also the next path of totality for which global citizens from all seven continents will soon embark to watch the sun and the moon in sacred dance.

Attendees of the 2017 Oregon Eclipse know just how monumental of a global effort takes place between seven of the world’s premiere transcendental festivals. Organizers work tirelessly to come together with the local indigenous tribes, adapt to their traditions, pay homage to the land, and respect the impact between the cosmos and the earth.

While no official festival site has been announced, it can be officially said that the official dates for the Patagonia Eclipse Gathering will be December 10-16, 2020. Mark your calendars and get connected with the Eclipse community by RSVPing on Facebook.