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Big Wild ascends to new heights on latest forthcoming album single, ‘Heaven’

Big Wild has been gearing up to make the biggest leap in his young career. In preparation of his impending 12-track debut Superdream LP, he’s already given fans a double release in “Joypunks” and “Maker.”

It seems Big Wild doesn’t just have a knack for one word titles, but injecting each track with all the positively soaring energy of his mentors ODESZA. Never does that fact shine through more than on his third album single, “Heaven.” It’s warm, wisping, atmospheric, and energetic in its composition — a truely chill indietronica track. He even lays down his own vocals on the track, which seems to a continuation from his first set of releases.

The full Superdream LP lands February 1, 2019, via Counter Records, with featured vocals from iDA HAWK, Rationale, and more of his own. Big Wild will also be embarking on an album-accompanying tour next March. Tickets are on sale now.