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Feed Me has a new full-length album finished: ‘I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done’

Hard to believe that Feed Me‘s last full-length project arrived in 2013. The British electro titan’s critically-acclaimed Calamari Tuesday was so well received by fans and industry folks alike that one might’ve expected something a bit sooner. And while fans were treated to 2017’s Existential Crisis EP, it still wasn’t enough to hold them over.

That is all changing soon because Feed Me has just announced over Instagram that the reason for his long-time silence is because he’s been finishing up a brand new album. Not only that, he says it just might be “the best thing [he’s] ever done.”

“I shut up recently because I’ve been finishing an album and I hate this idea that I’m supposed to hire some idiot company to ‘keep up appearances’ on my social media stuff,” Feed Me explains in the post. “I handed it in this weekend and I think it’s the best thing I’ve done.”

Feed Me also adds that he’s so “fucking knackered” to play the new music, build a live show around it, and follow it up with other new music he’s made. If 2014’s Teeth Tour offers any indication of Feed Me’s fleshing grit and spectacle, it’s going to be another live show for the history books. Currently, Feed Me is hunkering down for his string of New Year’s Eve gigs, during which time crowds will be the first to hear the new offerings live.