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San Holo revisits side project “Casilofi” with EP release

Dutch multi-instrumentalist San Holo is usually known for filling venues with rocking bass music anthems and the occasional emotional ballad, and it’s no secret that he has a passion for bringing his electric guitar into the mix. As a teenager, he first started his foray into the music world with a project called “Casilofi” that was centered around him recording guitar riffs on his laptop at home, which eventually evolved into the more EDM-oriented San Holo moniker.

Over the years, he has gone from producing electronic music mostly with digital synthesizers to building enough on-stage rapport to frequently bring his six-stringer out in concert to play live riffs. The release of his 4-track Create, Create, Create showcases his enthusiasm for the beautiful melodies and chords that can come from his guitar. Recorded mostly in the years before the San Holo project existed, he has remastered the EP that was originally released in 2011 and re-released it under his label, bitbird.

The project is filled with lush, dreamy soundscapes and drifting, ethereal guitar. It has an uplifting feel that evokes a vibrant sense of being. As the music seems to wander through bright, echoing tones, the listener is brought to a place that feels both far away and like home. Although this is music resurrected from the past, it’s looking promising for more San Holo and bitbird releases in 2019.