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Porter Robinson talks Virtual Self Grammy nomination

The 61st annual Grammy Awards are set to take place Sunday, February 5. With nominations released in early December, Porter Robinson received his first-ever Grammy nod for his single, “Ghost Voices,” from his Virtual Self alias.

Recently, Robinson sat down with Billboard Radio China in Zhuhai to talk about his Grammy-nominated single as well as experiences in Asia.

I am definitely inspired and want to come over more often.” – Porter Robinson

“I’ve played these major festivals such as EDC and Ultra in the US and when they go to Asia, I’m brought along as a guest,” said Robinson. “I feel lucky to have the chance to learn more about Asian countries and also introduce my music here.”

Any fan of Porter Robinson knows how enamored he is with Asian culture, with elements of Japanese anime often making their way into all of his projects — from Worlds to Shelter and Virtual Self. It’s a well known fact that Asian video games were the first time he was exposed to electronic music.

Robinson went on to discuss his plans for 2019 — a topic of which he remained rather vague over.

“I’m a very secretive person, so I don’t usually say what I’m going to do before I do it… I want people to know that I’m always working on new music. I’m always trying so hard to make something that I can be proud of… When I release music, it means a lot.”

Featured photo: RUKES. Via: Billboard Dance