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deadmau5 gives fans sneak peak of Cube 3.0 visuals on Twitch

When he’s not busy with his professional gaming career, scoring films, and heading his mau5trap imprint, Joel Zimmerman takes time to focus on his deadmau5 project. The Toronto-based jack of all trades has recently been working on designing his cube 3.0 set up lately, which is set to premiere at Ultra 2019, and he’s streaming his progress on Twitch.

The exclusive 33-minute clip shows Zimmerman tinkering with CG renderings of the Cube 3.0 using a design program called Derivative TouchDesigner. The footage reveals the technical aspects of the production, showing how the iconic DJ booth centerpiece will be framed by a curved LED wall in the back.

When Ultra released its 2019 line-up last month, one of the first acts that fans eyes were immediately drawn to was “deadmau5 cube 3.0 worldwide debut.” The world will be watching come late March when Zimmerman steps out to the stage for first time for the third iteration of his famed cube set-up.

Deamau5 premiered his Cube back in 2014 before switching to his Cage set-up, which experienced a series of technical follies the following year, then later announced his Cube 2.0 in 2016, with the Cube 2.1 arriving in early 2017.

Watch Cube Things from deadmau5 on Twitch

Photo credit: RUKES