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Jai Wolf releases two singles, announces debut album and tour

Once only known for his remixes, collaborations, and co-signs from artists such as Skrillex and ODESZA, New York-based producer Jai Wolf has come to stand firmly in his own sound. In the span of a few short years, he’s been able to successfully and effortlessly blend future bass with 80s inspired synth-pop. Yet, because he considers himself an artist, Jai Wolf takes his time with things, careful not to rush the creative process.

After a pretty quiet 2018, releasing no new music and only touring here and there, it became clear that something bigger was in the works. Now Jai Wolf is poised for his forthcoming debut album and he’s celebrating the announce with two track titles from the project. “Lose My Mind” has an indie-rock vibe, featuring melodic guitar riffs, a classic four-on-the-floor drumbeat, and a certain lo-fi sound almost reminiscent of Tame Impala. “Telepathy” features similar guitar work, but returns to the ethereal vocal sampling, reverb-heavy drums and anthemic sound that hearken back to his breakout hit “Indian Summer.”

Accompanying Jai Wolf’s debut LP announcement is an album-accompanying tour, which begins on April 10. Pick up tickets here and check out the two singles below.