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Lightning in a Bottle announces new dates and location for 2019

Lightning in a Bottle is departing from the mystical grounds of Lake San Antonio and bringing the magic to a new location in Central California. For the fifth time in its storied history, the location is changing, for the better.

In the announcement, Do LaB stated that the San Antonio Recreation Area is far from perfect from the vision they have for Lightning in a Bottle. The Monterey County Parks Department is no longer allowing large events to take place at the San Antonio Recreation Area, for various reasons. Do LaB is welcoming this transformation with gratitude and assures attendees that this will be a positive upgrade for all involved in planning, production, and attendance of the festival.

The transition to a new location created a need for new festival dates. The new dates for Lightning in a Bottle are May 8th – 13th, two weeks earlier than previous years. The new Earlybird sale dates, venue reveal, and festival lineup will be announced over the next few weeks as February rolls around. The available number of tickets for 2019 will be reduced by 25%, so LiB is anticipating a quick sell out compared to previous years.

The shifts occurring within the creation of Lightning in a Bottle are bound to bring a fascinating new energy to the overall experience.