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Relive Holy Ship! 2019 with sets from Ekali & Malaa


Let’s be real, “festival season” is a thing of the past. With mass-scale spring time events like BUKU and Okeechobee pushing the season earlier into the spring, and fall events like Hulaween drawing it out even later, and the influx of countless NYE festivals over the years, live music fans are celebrating festival season all year round.

Among the countless festivals every year, many typically go one of two ways: they either fall off and die out or they get gobbled up by a behemoth live music conglomerate. In the case of Holy Ship!, which was bought out by Live Nation a few years back, the cruise liner festival is still going strong. With its eighth year now on the books, the formerly Destructo-led event stands as the first official maritime festival of the year.

Holy Ship’s twelfth and thirteenth installments set sail from Port Canaveral over the past two weeks, as many artists partied amongst their fans all the way until its destination in the Bahamas. Now, thanks to a few fans and artists, those who weren’t able to attend the party boat adventure can enjoy Ekali’s full set from day two of 13.0 and Malaa’s studio remastered set from both weekends.

Stream Ekali’s Holy Ship! 13.0 set

Stream Malaa’s Holy Ship! 2019 set