Tripzy Leary has become known for morphing alien synaesthesia with rich analogue bass frequencies — at least around the weird and wonderful world of Wakaan. Now the label favorite has broken from Liquid Stranger’s esteemed imprint to release independently on Cyberdelics.

Following up on his joint Arrival EP with GDubz, Tripzy Leary now dials in the coordinates for his biggest body of work to date in the form of a 12-track LP, Space Migration. But the album is more than a collection of tracks. Tripzy Leary tells the story of the cyber-pilots’ journey to their space migration destination.

During this psychedelic trip to outer-space, listeners are greeted with rumbling wubs and sonic vibrations in “Departure,” bubbling basslines on “Access Granted,” and eerie ambient landscapes on “Space Migration.” Then, in a sudden departure from the experimental bass realm, “Force Field” and “Game Over” both delve into a genre bender, with upbeat rhythms and grooving drum lines that draw on bass house and trap.

Overall, the Space Migration LP seeks to take listeners to celestial dimensions that span a new level of mind bending discoveries.


Written by Ryan Morse

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