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Zeds Dead and Delta Heavy join forces on new DnB release, ‘Lift You Up’

Purveyors of all things bass heavy in their own equal rights, Zeds Dead and Delta Heavy have teamed up for the very first time on their much anticipated collaboration, “Lift You Up.” So when the Deadbeats bosses combine talents with the UK bass duo, the result is a DnB gem that negotiates both groups’ styles rather seamlessly.

“This is one of our favorite songs that we’ve put out in the last couple years,” says Zeds Dead of the track. “Even though it’s only got a few lyrics to us this is a song about the human spirit and it’s amazing ability to triumph over adversity.”

Strewn over a classic foundation of Drum N Bass, the track provides the perfect juxtaposition of light and heavy, weaving nuzzling melodies and fluttered vocal samples with rumbling rhythms and throbbing basslines. With vintage electronic synths and layers chord progressions added on top, “Lift You Up” constructs a hyperactive halycon, taking listeners on a sonic journey that is both turbulent and serene.

“To us it really sums up where we are at musically right now. ‘Lift You Up’ is a real melting pot of styles that – like us – straddles the Atlantic, fusing the traditionally energetic UK DnB sound with a bit of the more dubsteppy halftime stuff that’s big in the US right now,” says Delta Heavy on the collaboration.

“Lift You Up” is out now on Deadbeats and Ram Records.