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Champagne Drip furthers his drip-hop stamp with 4-track ‘Starman’ EP

Champagne Drip has been formulating his unique brand of bass-centric “drip-hop” music for about five years now. Previously, the Los Angeles-based producer had been producing his SPL moniker, releasing drum & bass, dubstep, and other styles of bass music.

In 2014, Champagne Drip launched as a decidedly aquatic and uplifting sounding project. Operating at first in anonymity, Champagne Drip made a big splash onto the bass scene with the release of an official remix for Bassnectar. Shortly thereafter, he released his debut Radio Bikini EP on Mad Decent.

Now, after a wildly successful WAKAAN release in his Obelisk EP, Champagne Drip follows up with the 4-track project, Starman. From the opening track in “Sentinal” all the way through it’s close with “Satellite,” the project is rooted in jungle and bass music and built around elements of blippy 8-bit sounds, arpeggios, and lush 80s synths. Most of all, Starman offers further evidence of Champagne Drip’s mastery of electronic music production.

Champagne Drip is set to have his biggest year yet in 2019 with more releases on WAKAAN and a nationwide tour alongside Liquid Stranger.