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Turntable wizard DeeperLX releases tribal-themed music video for ‘Island Eye’ [WATCH]

Originally recorded back in 2016 at the iconic Astarte Recordings, “Island Eye” is the musical brainchild of Ibiza-based DeeperLX and the island’s native 6thSense. Together, the prolific duo is known as IbizaEliteElement. Their 2020 debut album, Software Of Planet Earth, which clocks in at 9 tracks spanning from dance and electronic to dub and chill, featured the track’s dub version. But now, “Island Eye” gets a cinematic music video accompaniment that is a beautiful thing to behold.

Hailing from the sun-soaked and culturally enriched Mediterranean, DeeperLX is a musical triple threat. The creative mastermind boasts skills as a vinyl turntable wizard, music producer and lyricist, and director of music videos. Embodying the art of authentic DJing, DeeperLX is insistent on utilizing his “massive case of analog vinyl” during his live DJ sets across the beautiful island of Ibiza and beyond. His highly sophisticated mixes and sheer mastery of the vinyl decks are a pleasure to the senses and essential watch/listen. Having taken up a passion for music at a young age, DeeperLX embarked on his musical journey when he began playing guitar and studied at a musical school.

For all those stateside, DeeperLX is one to watch, especially for those in the tech scene. This one-of-a-kind electronic artist whose unique role in the music industry is guaranteed to garner him a most deserved, successful future at the forefront of American house and techno. Watch “Island Eye” below!

DeeperLX – Island Eye

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