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Ritam Elinexx

Ritam Elinnex bursts into full view with happy/sad debut single, ‘Alone’

Fans of Illenium, Martin Garrix, or The Chainsmokers may want to listen up! Newcomer Ritam Elinexx officially kicks off his career with this vibrantly energetic track, “Alone,” leaving listeners with a taste for more. The musician recalls working tirelessly on this track for over six months to finalize the track, which serves up ticking clock sounds, silky smooth synths, and satisfying bass drops to boot.

“Alone” track is irresistibly catchy and upbeat, whose influences are strikingly familiar to Illenium’s. After a gorgeous orchestral strings sections at the start, which contrasts nicely with the tik-tok fx of clocks. One can only tell what Ritam’s signature sound will be, but we can project it will be uplifting and happy. The lyrics of “Alone” offer up a stark contrast to these emotions, with a poetic story that seems sad on its surface yet not when paired with the song’s happier tones. The lyrics are about loving and leaving someone, to be sure:

“Staring at your silver and gold eyes / I was high in love / With the river of your cold sight / Ooh, innocent like / Ooh, little child I was out of myself ‘/ Cause You’re like heaven / When I’m in hell / Now I’m heading home / Walking alone”.

After his grandma caught him listening to a series of old cassettes on a tape recorder, Mumbai-based Ritam Elinexx’s path to music only began to flourish. He started singing at just five years old with her help, progressing with his performance until he became a trained Indian classical singer. Nowadays Ritam produces a range of future bass, electro house, and even contemporary R&B from FL Studio, but he is planning to introduce his singing into his material in the near future. The producer is committed to covering a range of cultures in his music, including languages such as Assamese, Hindi, and English. With a fully fledged skill set, a multi-cultural flair, and a respectable 2,000 streams on his debut single, Ritam Elinexx’s future is looking bright.

Showing a promising skillset right off the bat, Ritam Elinexx establishes himself as one to watch with “Alone.” Stream the track below!

Ritam Elinexx – Alone

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