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Marshmello’s Fortnite set yields 10 million users + massive social media growth

The worlds between virtual gaming and dance music are increasingly becoming blurred. Most recently, professional gamer Ninja and Astralwerks released their commercially-successful video game soundtrack, featuring Nero, Kaskade, Dillon Francis, and more globally recognized names.

Now Marshmello has successfully cross-pollinated his brand with his personal favorite platform, Fortnite. The candy-pop mogul recently set the record for the most-watched virtual concert of all time, drawing in a sizeable crowd to the Fortnite platform. Ten million users, to be precise.

Beyond those impressive numbers for record level engagement, Marshmello’s reach stretched far beyond the world of Fortnite, yielding a record level increase in his social media following.

YouTube is where Marshmello’s numbers saw the highest surge, gaining 677K new subscribers overnight. That’s an “1800% increase from his previous daily gain of 37K,” write Jose Arroyo. “He also amassed over 42.8M YouTube views, an increase of about 500% from his January average of 7.8 million views per day.”

Over Twitter, Marshmello gained more than 147K new followers over the past week, a figure that showed a 2,000% growth from the previous week. His Twitter mentions also increased by upwards of 1,000%—from 4,800 last week to 57,500 this week.

Not only does Marshmello’s Fortnite appearance mark a historical moment to further the melding of the video gaming and dance music worlds, the numbers also show just how pervasive the bucket head is becoming in the grander scale of popular culture domination.

Watch Marshmello’s Fortnite concert below.

H/T: YourEDM.