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New EDC documentary taps into Los Angeles rave culture & Insomniac harm reduction following 2010 death

Back in the EDC early days, before the move to their flagship move to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the Insomniac-led event was situated inside the Los Angeles Coliseum. In 2010, the event reached 185,000 attendees. One hundred of those were hospitalized in a crowd stampede. Despite EDC being a 16-and-up event, the death of one 15-year-old girl while on MDMA would forever change the course of the festival.

One new feature-length documentary, directed by independent filmmaker Le Liu, sheds new light on the 2010 fallout from the annual electronic music festival. Although the film is unaffiliated with Insomniac, it portrays just how effectively the company handles its drug-induced attendees using an open door honesty policy. The film also highlights L.A. County’s groundbreaking harm reduction program in response to the Ecstasy-related death.

View the official trailer below. Find the full version of the movie on Vimeo and YouTube.

Featured photo: Rukes. H/T: EDM Sauce