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Rezz offers a glimpse of her Sayer collaboration, ‘Soul Snatcher’

Neptune goddess REZZ is still hot on the heels of a fiery collaboration with Blanke. She took the NYE scene by storm with her chilling Porter Robinson remix and her unrelenting aptitude for turning newbie listeners into instant cult followers. When she’s not busy hypnotizing crowds on the dance floor, REZZ also has a knack for promoting her upcoming projects over Twitter.

Over the past month or so, REZZ has been astutely generating hype for her upcoming Sayer collaboration. Now she’s delivered the first real taste of their joint track, aptly named “Soul Snatcher.” It’s sounding like the two of them have some excellent chemistry, combining REZZ’s signature dark, dubious sound with Sayer’s deep and dangerous experimental tones.  The two will no doubt be vibrating subwoofers with this one soon, and the full track will surely be snatching up souls on the dancefloor.