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10 things we learned from Mr. Bill’s Reddit AMA

Following the recent release of his Apophenia LP on mau5trap, Denver-based bass music producer Mr. Bill took time to sit down closely with fans online. The Aussie transplant covered a number of topics on r/edm, ranging from the Denver bass music scene, to what it’s like working with deamau5, to a number of his influences, and working on Ableton.

Here are 10 things we learned from Mr. Bill’s Reddit AMA:

1. How have you seen the scene in Denver change since you’ve been here, and where do you see it going in the future?

2. Is it daunting to make glitch music in a world where Aphex Twin exists?

3. What was it like working with deadmau5? Did you guys just toss a session back and forth or did you work in the same room together?

4. How did you become a composer that’s 10x better than the rest?

5. What in your mind (and from your years of teaching) sets apart/ is the breaking point for people’s tracks?

6. Do you have a song you’ve created that you just really can’t stand?

7. When’s the mau5trap collab coming out?

8. What’s your favorite tune that you’ve made overall? Are there any production tips/techniques that changed the game for you?

9. There’s a lot of breakcore in your music. Do you listen to any breakcore at all?

10. If you had to recommend three songs of your own as a way to get to know you, which three would you pick? What’s your dream collab right now?