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Mr. Bill releases 12-track ‘Apophenia’ LP on mau5trap

Australian left-field bass producer Mr. Bill has debuted his 13-track Apophenia LP on mau5trap and we just can’t get enough of the album. In particular, deadmau5’s label has been on the cutting edge of bringing new artists to light through its pervasive platform. But Mr. Bill is one artist who truly deserves all the recognition that comes his way. As an Ableton mastermind, he’s created with Apophenia is an all-out world of sonic storytelling.

From the analogue, carnivalesque, and metal-inspired “Jesus Christ Superstar,” to the electro, 80s synth-inspired closing track “Zero Sum,” Mr. Bill truly shows off his versatility and range to an expert degree. A standout on the album is the title track, “Apophenia,” which is a smooth downtempo cut fashioned to ease listeners into his glitched-out, jazz-inspired full length studio album. Apophenia is an album that fans will find themselves listening to over and over again for any kind of mood.