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Transcendental festival Lightning in a Bottle announces learning & culture lineup for 2019 event

Every year, millions of like-minded people across the world gather to enjoy arts and music under the production of their favorite festivals. There is a special category of festival reserved for holistic education, intellectual nourishment, and spiritual growth. Transcendental festivals like Costa Rica’s Envision, Lucidity in California, Portugal’s Boom Festival, Shambhala in Canada, Burning Man, the Eclipse Gatherings, and Lightning in a Bottle (LiB) highlight individual and collective consciousness transformation.

Lightning in a Bottle is known for catering to the needs of all who attend, with incredible music acts, endless activities and art to participate in, as well as eye-opening workshops and discussions to engage in. As the 2019 event nears, LiB organizers at the DoLaB find it important to highlight “The 6 Ways of LiB,” the key principles every attendee must take to heart in service of bettering the community. 

The transformational festival released the 2019 learning & culture lineup at the Compass, which holds the sacred heart of education and self-discovery. The DoLaB outdid themselves with the musical acts taking the stage this year as well as the many spiritual gurus and scientists booked to shine light on all aspects of life and beyond. Some of the influential speakers that will illuminate the Compass include author and scientist Dr. Vandana Shiva, radical mycologist Paul Stamets, activists Climbing PoeTree and Pat McCabe, Desirae Harp, Niria Alicia, and many more.

This year, the talks and discussions include: Minimalism for Maximalists, Awakening the Extraterrestrial Consciousness, Modern Keepers of Ancient Ways, the return of the Psychedelic State of the Union from 2018, to name just a few. The discussions that take place under the Compass canopy are fascinating, compelling, incredibly inspiring and should not go unnoticed.

Attendees that are looking for a more physically active way to participate aside from the yoga center should look to the workshops that will truly ignite the inner fire yearning from within. The workshops include: Daily Morning Water Blessings and Sunset Fire Gratitudes, Sound Healing Journey, Self Love Rituals for Women, Traditional Persian Hip-Hop & House Dance, Vedic & Archetypal Astrology, and many more.

Lightning in a Bottle is the ideal festival to recharge the spirit and find grounding away from default world. The interactions and community experience this weekend will leave attendees feeling rejuvenated and overwhelmed with gratitude.

Tickets are available here.