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Feed me, Flux Pavilion, and Kill The Noise have a new collaboration in the works

Feed Me is still fresh off the release of his second studio album, High Street Creeps, which landed a little over a month ago. As the fabled Brit producer gears up for another reincarnation of his Feed Me With Teeth tour, fans are resting in anticipatory patience that the announcement will come any day.

However, a forthcoming Teeth tour isn’t the only thing Feed me has on the horizon. Taking to Twitter recently, Feed Me announced to the world he was working on a new track with Flux Pavilion and Kill The Noise. Cue the pig squeals. Feed Me even gave a small hint into the song as “feeling housey.”

A Kill The Noise collaboration doesn’t seem out of the ordinary considering the two producers have worked together twice before. But throwing Flux Pavilion into the mix really lights up the ensuing collaboration even further. Flux even chimed in saying he was trying for 10 minutes to find the right genre for what’s in his head but couldn’t pin it down. “Must be a good sign,” Flux stated over Twitter.

A good sign, indeed. Although fans must wait a longer for more details to emerge around the currently developing composition, it may not be a far stretch to say fans will be seeing this one delivered live for the first time on Feed Me’s highly-anticipated upcoming tour.