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Is Bassnectar headlining Live Nation’s new Gorge Memorial Day Weekend Festival?

With the long-running Sasquatch heading to the festival graveyard last year, Live Nation previously announced it would be picking up the reigns on a new Memorial Day Weekend event at The Gorge. Not much information was given at the time, but now a new Twitter account reveals the name of the festival as End of the Rainbow.

What’s more, Bassnectar has retweeted the event flyer to help spread the word. Could it mean that Bassnectar has signed onto headline the cause? After all, his diehard fan base has been itching for his return to the gorgeous Washington State venue (although they’ve been more so gunning for a fully Bassnectar-curated event).

Certainly Live Nation knows how strong Bassnectar’s viral marketing power is. Perhaps a certain contractual obligation had him help spread the news to generate buzz around the event. This is all of course speculation. Either way, it’s working. And the chances of seeing Bassnectar this May 24-26 are highly likely.