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Tomorrowland stage designer files for bankruptcy

Bad news for Neverland Themepark Projects, the company largely responsible for the gargantuan spectacle that is the Tomorrowland mainstage. The Belgian production company, founded in 1997, has declared bankruptcy and is shutting down its operations immediately. They specialized in theme park installations throughout Belgium, France, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Reasons for the filing are very unclear. Neverland’s founder, Kurt Heerman, issued the following press statement over the closure:

“We inform you that Neverland Themepark Projects is no longer active. We want to thank you for the years of cooperation and trust. This message will come in hard, we are well aware of that. With our whole team we have been fighting until the last minute, but due to a combination of circumstances, we are forced to close the doors of Neverland definitively. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience that we may cause you.”

However, Tomorrowland doesn’t seem to be too concerned. Organizers have also issued a statement regarding the filing for bankruptcy:

“We work with twelve decor builders, of which Neverland is one of them,” said Tomorrowland’s press agent Debby Wilmsen. “The main stage is too complex to be made by one set builder anyway.”

Looks as if Tomorrowland will proceed as usual, The 15th-anniversary event previously released it’s 2019 line-up, and sold out almost immediately.

H/T: EDM Sauce