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Justin Martin & Aradalan release two-track preview of their new EP on Christian Martin’s imprint

When one thinks of the Dirtybird Players, two beacons of the collective come to mind: Justin Martin and Ardalan. Standing out among the coupe, the two co-founding members have styles that exemplify the distinct Dirtybird Records sound.

Now the two Dirtybird pioneers have released two preview clips off their forthcoming Yonder EP. The project is set to land on Christian Martin’s (Justin’s older brother) own imprint, Trippy Ass Technologies. The label’s mission is to push forward thinking, psychedelic tunes onto the house music masses.

“I’m absolutely honored to have my brother Justin Martin join forces with Ardalan for TAT019 – the Yonder EP,” Christian Martin says of the two. “They both have a knack for sound design that practically jumps out of the speakers. Together, they are a formidable duo – do your homework & check their back catalogue.”

The first track, “Yonder” brings a 4-to-the-floor stomp with an unhinged bassline, while “Hail Mary” taps into a sparkling aquatic vibe that intensifies as it evolves. The two tracks come together for what just “may be their freakiest work to date,” says Christian Martin.