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MUST WATCH: Virtual Self debuts new track in Los Angeles, ‘God Rays’

Porter Robinson has been making headlines all the way from Japan. The Virtual Self artist told GQ Japan that he’s got an entirely new project in the works. “I’m always trying so hard to make something that I can be proud of,” he said in another interview. “When I release music, it means a lot.”

While a new artistic turn seems a bit premature, fans have been resoundingly vocal over the possibility of hearing something new from Robinson. But he’s proving he’s not quite ready to halt playing out his Virtual Self moniker just yet. During a recent stop at The Shrine in Los Angeles, Virtual Self shared a brand new live cut called “God Rays.”

The track is a blistering technic Angel production, with a completely immersive lighting rig encompassing the crowd that is bent on sensory stimulation in hyperdrive. The track hits in the hard techno terrain, with extremely fast tempos, intense kicks, and industrial distortion.

Taken with the fact that his socials now read, “The technic-Utopia is awakening,” could it mean fans are on the verge of getting a slew of heavier-leaning happy/hardcore tracks? It looks as though fans will have to fill in those blanks all on their own.