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Haywyre ramps up forthcoming EP launch with new single, ‘Let Me Hear That’

Armed with a dazzling array of instrumentation and a charismatic performing energy, Haywyre has been steadily building steam in anticipation of his newest EP. Titled Panomara: Form, the project is sure to be filled with his signature strengths, based on what listeners have heard so far. After releasing the 6-track Panorama: Discover at the end of 2018, Haywyre didn’t hesitate in getting the wheels of its companion project off the runway.

The new single “Let Me Hear That” is no exception, delivering on the electrifying dance grooves that have come to characterize his sound and raising the expectations for his upcoming tour. He’s slated to take his new music on the road for a full month, with dates spanning both coasts. Expect to hear selections from both Panorama projects on tour, with tickets available here.