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Haywyre makes triumphant return on 6-track ‘Panorama: Discover’ EP

Haywyre is no stranger to true artistry. Still in the beginning stages of his career, he consistently exudes the maturity and grace of an artist whose reached their artistic form. The Monstercat signee has been making headlines with the consecutive releases of “Tell Me,” “Storyteller,” and a video for “Square One,” which was included in our new music edition, The Friday Wrangler.

After two years spent decompressing and realigning his vision, Haywyre has made his triumphant return to electronic music with the release of his Panorama: Discover EP. Spanning six tracks, Discover is the first of six smaller projects expected from Haywyre’s Panorama. The first installment blends Haywyre’s classically trained jazz roots with his penchant for upbeat, funk-led electronica. The result is truly triumphant and titillating, to say the least.

Haywyre says of the project,

“In a sense, this is as personal as it gets. I drew from everything I could. Moments of excitement, love, discovery, realization, connection, but also fear, insecurity, depression and disgust. I wanted the full spectrum. In another sense, it couldn’t be less personal, because I’m avoiding the literal personal accounts that drove me to create this in the first place. I don’t want people hearing my story, I want people hearing their story in my music.”