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Lightning in a Bottle’s new home is greener, more intimate

Lightning in a Bottle officially heads to Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area in Kern Country, California. 

The time has come! The Lightning in a Bottle team has graciously made the transition to the hidden gem of Buena Vista Lake, 25 miles from Bakersfield, California. The land is flat and centralized so camping will be near to the stages and the extensive interactive workshops. These untouched stomping grounds is the start of something spectacular. There is no doubt the esteemed Do LaB production team has the best in store for the highly-anticipated 2019 celebration, taking place on the weekend of May 8 – 12.

Nestled in Kern County, the new venue is substantially smaller and greener than LiB’s previous home in Bradley, which fits with the festival’s intention to shift to a more intimate event moving forward. Because of these more compact grounds, the festival is reducing ticket sales by 25 percent, thereby capping attendance at 20,000. Festival attendees are encouraged to be on their toes as tickets begin to go on sale.

The 24-hour sale for the returning LiB party animals kicks off February 13 at 10 am PST and will run until February 14 at 9:59 am PST. The Earlybird sale, open to the public, begins February 14 at 10 am PST and will close Friday February 15 at 8 am PST. Grab them while they’re hot!

The first phase of the incoming lineup will be unveiled this Friday, February 15. Tickets for Lightning in a Bottle 2019 will be on sale on the festival’s official website.

Photo courtesy of Lightning in a Bottle.