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Midweek Mantra Mix 001: Ravenscoon delivers abducting bass mix in ‘Downtempo Adventure (Part 3)’

Buried deep within the commercial dance music scene is a small creative corner of mind-altering bass music. We love finding music that falls within this domain because it aligns with our website’s mantra — to provide “a conscious way to consume EDM.” Therefore, we’re happy to introduce Conscious Electronic‘s “Midweek Mantra Mix,” highlighting both new and throwback mixtapes that seek to raise the vibrations of their collective listener base. To kick off the series is Ravenscoon’s “Downtempo Adventure (Part 3).”

Ravenscoon is a rising producer out of the Bay Area’s burgeoning underground bass scene. Many would compare his sound to Bassnectar, and he’d no doubt be honored by that assessment. After all, he’s been releasing some of the internet’s most popular fan-made Bassnectar mixes for years now. Recently, however, Ravenscoon has broken from that mold to begin releasing his own original productions. Along the way, he’s continued to release some captivating mixes more bent on developing his own unique sound.

As the third mix installation in his Downtempo Adventure series, Ravenscoon takes listeners on a journey that is “half slow and hypnotic, half heavy and loud.” His intention with the mix was to offer “a middle ground between Part 1 and Part 2,” he says. Along the way, he weaves philosophical musings and psychedelic spoken word with slowed tempo renderings of G Jones and Champagne Drip. To add even more complexity, he  layers in a capella vocals from classics like Ciara’s “1, 2 Step” and Bassnectar’s “Noise.”

The entire mix takes listeners into a black hole of cozy hypnosis, and just when one becomes settled and comfortable, it intentionally jolts the audience back into submission. At times warm and soothing, at others discordant and abducting, it’s a sonic journey into the meditative spaces of one’s own mind’s eye. Buckle up for this downtempo rollercoaster ride.

Downtempo Adventure (Part 3) Tracklist

Hyperbolic Headspace – Enter The Void (Ravenscoon Vocal Edit)
—> G Jones – U Already Know
—> Ciara – 1, 2 Step (Acapella)
Late Since – Requiem
—> Twista – Overnight Celebrity (Acapella)
Sematary Kid – Cyberia
Sibewest – Ghost
Guilt Chip – Brainsigh
West London Empath – Skit
—> Ass Hypnotized (Acapella)
Spoze x Careful – DayByDay
Champagne Drip – Drumfire
—> Bassnectar – Noise (Acapella)
Sepia – Outbreak VIP
Meg Meyers – Desire (Hucci Remix)
Boy Racers – Cartel
—> Estelle – Freak (TC Remix)
CASHFORGOLD & Tim Schaudert – Throwing Stones
Kareful – As She Cried
VolumeA – Intro Reality
Ravenscoon – Deja Reve